Getting here

Getting to Obergurgl

The journey through the Ötztal Valley is an experience in itself. As you travel along the valley floor and climb up to the village of Obergurgl you will pass majestic mountains and thundering waterfalls. Whether you use your own car or arrive by plane or train and take a transfer to the village, your holiday starts even before you reach Obergurgl!

Arriving by car

Obergurgl lies in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. A network of well-maintained roads leads to the Hotel Jagdhof**** – Bed & Breakfast. Motorways and main roads are cleared of snow during winter, so it is unlikely you will have to drive on snow. It is, however, important that you make sure your car is equipped for winter conditions before you start your journey. All cars must be fitted with winter tyres.

If you have snowchains then it is a good idea to bring them, even if there are only a few days each winter when you may need them. Before leaving, make sure you know how to put on the snowchains and ensure that the snowchains you have fit your car’s wheels. Important! Even when fitted with snowchains, summer tyres are not safe for winter driving.

Arriving by train

The Hotel Jagdhof – Bed & Breakfast in Obergurgl is located not far from the main railway station in Innsbruck and the smaller railway station Ötztal Bahnhof.

Ötztal Bahnhof is the closest railway station to the hotel and is located at the start of the Ötztal Valley (approx. 50km from Obergurgl). Guest arriving at Ötztal Bahnhof can take the bus (approx. 1.5 hours) or taxi to Obergurgl. We will be happy to help you plan your journey.

Arriving by plane

  • to Innsbruck - approx. 100km
  • to Munich - approx. 240km
  • to Zurich-Kloten - approx. 292km

Ötztal Shuttle

The convenient Ötztal Shuttle is the quickest, most comfortable and flexible way to get from the airport or the train station to your holiday destination in the Ötztal and back again – from the terminal right to your hotel's doorstep:

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